Learn in Asia
and become a world pioneer.
Learn at universities in China and Korea
on a long-term basis
and support infrastructures worldwide!
Human resources development program
to make it happen.
BecomeProfessionalFor the world
We aim for cultivating global-minded human resources capable
of spreading their winds around the world.

How well infrastructures such as roads, water environment, bridges, railroads and parks have been developed around the globe now? How are they maintained? Infrastructure development which is inevitable for our lives is directly connected to the country’s socioeconomy, and every time we advance to a new era, new infrastructure is required.
With a coalition of three universities in Japan, China and Korea, this program cultivates global-minded human resources capable of contributing to the world while exerting their presence.

President of Nagasaki University, Shigeru Katamine
Message from the President
Credit Transfer System + Double Degree System in the master’s program of graduate school
※Nagasaki University has already made Academic Cooperation Agreement and Memorandum for Student Exchange Based on Academic Cooperation Agreement with each university in China and Korea, and the enrollment and school fees may be exempted from each other.
The purpose
Aiming to become infrastructure engineers with superior practical ability:
  1. 1those who have professional knowledge and skills on infrastructure development, and its maintenance and management technology,
  2. 2those who have necessary knowledge evenly on overall infrastructure development instead of focusing on only a specific technology, and
  3. 3those who have language skills (especially English) required to work worldwide as highly skilled professionals.
The merit
Ensured Credit earning and education quality
  1. 1Introducing the Credit Transfer System
  2. 2Establishing the Double Degree System
  3. 3Promoting graduate school-level exchanges