Let’s go see the campus life at Shandong University!

About studying abroad life


Professors firmly support your research.
With the experience of accepting exchange students for more than 50 years, the University has the largest number of exchange students in Shandong Province. All the professors also have experience for more than 20 years!
I’m Zhu Lingxue, acting as a bridge between Nagasaki University and Shandong University.
Deputy director&Professor. WANG SHUGUANG with a nice smile is a vice chairman of this program.
I’m JIANG HOMGMIN. I’ll take care of you at Shandong University.
I’m LI YONH, Associate professor at School of Engineering of Shandong University. Nice to meet you!


Senior students support your research.
Students find a task and engage in research on their own at Shandong University. It’s very meaningful and productive to do a research with other students and seniors. Students, of course, communicate in English.
After making arrangements, now we start a research!
Write your name on your research object.
Let’s pour it in gently and slowly.
Air pollution is, indeed, the top priority in China.
We need to take a good note.


All the items at the cafeteria are good!
The main campus has a cafeteria building of 4 stories above the ground and 1 underground story, and each floor has cafeteria with various items from stir-fried dishes, steamed dishes to noodles! You can also find Halal dishes. One dish is about 10 yuan (about 180 yen).
You can’t go wrong with juicy boiled dumplings!
Stir-fried fried fish and vegetable is about 15 yuan (270 yen).
There’s a market on the basement floor of the cafeteria building. You can get breakfast here.
There are more than 10 varieties of noodles. This one has a mild flavor with chicken.
The whole building is cafeteria.


Let’s take a look at the Shandong University Museum!
In the main campus, there is a museum exhibiting precious clay vessels and the like discovered in Shandong Province and introducing its deep and long history.
You can have a look at the unearthed objects that professors at Shandong University involved.

Dorm Life

You can cook for yourself and it’s very comfortable!
The campus has 3 big dorm buildings. The dorm has mainly private rooms but rooms for 2 persons and 4 persons are also available. The dorm has communal kitchen and laundry, so you can easily start your life. You see messages from exchange students on the wall of the public space on the first floor!
The communal kitchen can be also used as a place for communication with students from other countries.
Private room equipped with a toilet and a shower!
The dorm is equipped with washing machines, although the number is limited.
Exchange students from around the world have left a lot of messages on the wall!


Exciting downtown area of Jinan,
from botanical garden to park!
The campus of Shandong University is located in the heart of Jinan, the big city surrounded by a big park and a shopping mall. There are a wide variety of good places to eat, from cafeteria to restaurant!
Jinan is also known as a city of spring. Baotu Spring Park where water is still upwelling from underground is a famous sightseeing spot.
In Quancheng Square, where a tower with the mark of Jinan City stands as a symbol, local people enjoy flying kites on weekends.
This is the square of Jinan Station