Let’s take a look at student life at Sungkyunkwan University!

About studying abroad life


Professors are very friendly!
The professors here are noted for being caring and gentle towards students and they teach with courtesy. They also listen to students empathically to help them concentrate on their studies without concerns.
I’m HYANMI LEE, acting as a bridge between Nagasaki University and Sungkyunkwan University
Let’s talk with Prof. Seunghee Park, an associate professor of Environmental Engineering.
I’m LEE GYUMIN, person in charge of international exchange at Sungkyunkwan University. Nice to meet you!
Associate Prof. AM JANG as well as the students who have experience of studying at Nagasaki University will support your student life.
This is Prof. Kyung-Soo Jun, the head of the Graduate School of Water Resources. He is responsible for this project.


Various learning opportunities are available, from engineering research to Korean language lessons.
Being one of the top 10 private universities in Korea, the university offers a wide range of lectures from 9 am to 3 pm. International students can also take Korean lessons, which will make their daily lives easier.
We have to learn Korean alphabet!
Students can take one-on-one lessons.
Let’s go and see the laboratory!


Enjoy Korean dishes!
Suwon Campus has three cafeterias, offering various items. Today’s dish is Bibimbap, a popular Korean food! The cafeterias provide large and comfortable space.
The campus also has several cafeterias for take-out.
Let’s take a break after lunch.


Let’s take a look at the Samsung Library!
This huge library with seven floors above the ground and one floor under the ground is a symbol of the Suwon Campus. Students spend their after-class hours studying here.
It looks like a huge robot.
This is a private room, stylishly colored in yellow. It also has a cafeteria on the top floor.
Search service is available at the entrance of the library.

The campus also has facilities such as hospital, hair salon, post office, stationery shop and bank.

Dorm Life

The dormitory accommodates 2,000 students.
The number of rooms as well as their equipment and facilities are among the highest and best in Korea!
The dorm has three types of rooms; for two persons, four persons, and six persons. An attendant is on duty 24 hours a day. It is equipped with ample facilities including cafeteria, laundry machines, and fitness rooms (2000 yen per month), just like a guest house!
The gym has a lot of running machines!
A room for two persons is equipped with a toilet and shower!
Building B, which was newly constructed in 2009.
Washing and drying machines are available!
Each floor has a common room with TV and water server (for cold and hot)

Cultural exchange

Programs to experience Korean culture
At Korea House in Seoul, you can try on Korean traditional costume, Hanbok, and cook Bibimbap. I enjoyed them with other exchange students.
The colors of Korean costumes are beautiful!
We learnt how to cook Bibimbap from Eomeoni (mother in Korea).


Visit food courts and bars and enjoy local dining in Korea.
You can walk straight out of the back gate onto the downtown area, where you will find places to eat and drink, convenience stores and so on. The campus is conveniently located with a big supermarket and a subway station nearby..
Jjigae hot pot, or Korean kimchi stew with seafood (crabs, squids, shrimps and octopuses), is the best.