Nagasaki University

Introduce Nagasaki University

Nagasaki University was established as a national university merged with Nagasaki Medical College, Nagasaki Medical College Specialized School of Pharmaceutics, Nagasaki Specialized School of Economics, Nagasaki Normal School, and Nagasaki Youth Normal School. The university now has three campuses; 6 of 9 schools/faculties (Education, Fisheries, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Environmental Studies, and Global Humanities and Social Sciences) are in Bunkyo Campus, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nagasaki University Hospital are in Sakamoto Campus, and Faculty of Economics is in Katafuchi Campus. The total number of students is approximately 10,000 including about 500 exchange students. Most exchange students are from Asia.
Bunkyo Area where the main campus is located lies 4 km north of the center of Nagasaki- about a 30 minute street car /bus ride away. The university is surrounded by necessary facilities for everyday life such as supermarket.

1-14, Bunkyo-machi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki
Under the National School Establishment Law, Nagasaki University is newly established with 5 faculties (Medicine, Economics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Arts and Sciences and Fisheries)
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is relocated to Ohashi-machi in Nagasaki City (today’s Bunkyo Campus) from Omura.
The main campus of Nagasaki University is moved to Ohashi-machi from Kozen-machi.
Faculty of Fisheries is moved to Ohashi-machi from Sasebo
The School of Engineering is established. Faculty of Arts and Sciences is renamed the Faculty of Education.
School of Dentistry is established
Faculty of Environmental Studies is established. Faculty of Liberal Arts is discontinued.
Nagasaki University turns into the national university corporation under the National University Corporation Law.
Graduate School of International Health Development is established.
School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences is established.
School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (Master’s course) is established (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Master of Tropical Medicine and Graduate School of International Health Development are merged.)