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Implementation of the Credit Transfer System

By utilizing the specialized educational curriculum offered in three universities in Japan, China and Korea, credits earned at host university during a short-term study abroad period will be transferred at home university. The maximum number of credits transferred will not exceed nine.
Nagasaki University Shandong University Sungkyunkwan University
Continuum Dynamics Theory Geotechnical Experimental Mechanics Environment Biotechnology
Bridge Engineering Theory Geotechnical Anchorage Anaerobic Biotechnology
Reliability Design Method Theory Geotechnical Model test principles and methods Advanced Water Treatment Process
Maintenance Engineering Theory Finite Element Methods Desalination and Reuse
Steel Structure Design Theory FEM Principle and programming Water Quality Management and Control Using ICT
Geo-processing Theory Engineering Mathematics Advanced Hydraulics & Hydrology

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Establishment of the Double Degree Program

The program will allow students to study abroad while remaining enrolled in the university of their own country and earn credits at two universities.
“Curriculum for Infrastructure Maintenance Engineering,” which will be newly established in all three universities in Japan, China and Korea, consists of courses such as internship, project-based classes and theory classes for engineering (including intellectual property).The host of this summer school style curriculum will rotate among the three universities, and they plan to jointly issue a certificate of completion.